Join us now to benefit from the...

We are committed to trying to be as environmentally friendly as we can.

By choosing the Finesse Green Scheme, you will not only benefit from the recycling incentives,cost effective solutions, energy saving and top of the range products, but you will also be contributing to the reduction of the impact on our environment.

You can benefit from the Finesse Green Schem ewhen replacing with the following products:

Finesse A Energy Rated Windows
Finesse Fully Glazed Door Products
Finesse Composite Door Range Products

You will directly benefit from:

Energy Saving
Thermal and Sound Insulation
Kommerling Lead Free PVCu with eco friendly virgin polymers – which give you longer lasting true colours.

We agree to recycle whatever we can from your old windows and doors:

The PVCu frames from your old windows and doors
All glass from the old windows and doors
All furniture and hardware from the old windows and doors

***from time to time the industry do offer rebates on products they are keen to recycle.  In these instances - we will always look to extend these savings back to our customers, but are naturally subject to industry rebates being offered to us in the first place.

Not forgetting our continued commitment to manufacturing and office recycling which include:

Off-cuts and shavings of leftovers within the manufacturing process
Used plastics and packaging
Cardboard and paper

Recycling not only means we have less requirements for huge skips to be exchanged every week, but it also significantly reduces the burden on landfill sites.

If you would like a quotation using the Finesse Green Scheme, please contact via our website or call us on 0800 083 1984 and ask for The Green Scheme Quotation

The Finesse Green Scheme is a commitment to the environment and an offer within itself.
Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is
subject to status & availability, terms & conditions do apply.